A downloadable game for Windows and Android

How to play :

Click on the Roll button to make your first 5 dices roll.
You have 3 rolls per turn to make the best score in each line in your scoreboard.
Before each roll, you can select dices you want to keep.

Select a line in your scoreboard to register your points.
A line with a score is locked for the rest of the game.
You can select an empty line to score 0.

The game is over when you fill all the lines of your score board.

Try to make the best score possible !

Install instructions

Windows version :

It's a run'n play archive.
Extract and launch the .exe file.

Android version :

It's the apk directly so you just have to install it in your phone.


YahtzeeRoller for Android 22 MB
YahtzeeRoller for Windows 10 MB

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