A downloadable game for Windows

2-players only.

This game shares some rules with the classical Triple Triad but also implement new ones.

Release notes:

  • Rules are generated randomly for a new game.
  • No IA implemented in this version.
  • There is no tutorial screen yet, sorry. If you don't understand a rule, don't hesitate to google it.
  • Some classic Triple Triad cards are still to be implemented. I am looking for some other pony art in Creative Commons-like licence, send me some if you are interested in the journey ;).

Pony arts from:

Feel free to leave me feedback or suggestions below! ;)

Thanks for playing! <3

Triple Triad is a Square Enix game. All rights reserved to them.
My Little Pony is a Hasbro licence. All rights reserved to them.

Install instructions

Extract the .7z with 7-Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/) wherever you like.

To run the game, launch Pony Triad.exe file.


PonyTriad v0.1b 16 MB

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